Total Performance Vegan

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Total Performance is a delicious, vegan full meal replacement that may be utilized for the overall wellness or as an aid in recovery from workouts, surgeries, or as a daily meal replacement for those of us with little time on our hands and a desire to include proper vegan nutrition.

The mix of vitamins and minerals in Total Performance-Chocolate Vegan includes fruit and vegetable blend, digestive blend, mushroom blend, fiber blend, probiotic blend, Complex Omega 3, 6, and 9, BCAAs and Boron. These proprietary blends are combined into a powder that is micro-pulverized to ease the absorption by the body through digestion. With 20 billion units of probiotics per serving it will also support the immune system. Each serving contains 25 grams of protein: Non-GMO pea protein, Non-GMO sprouted organic brown rice protein, and Non-GMO alfalfa juice protein.

Total Performance-Chocolate Vegan contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals and is formulated to support the absorption of these minerals. It also has a variety of proteins blended together to increase absorption on a cellular level. As proteins are broken down into an amino acid, the body utilizes that protein wherever the body needs it most. Each type of protein contains different amounts of amino acids, and every protein has differing levels of specific amino acids. VitalBody has blended select proteins together in carefully formulated amounts so that the body can convert these proteins into energy and lean muscle.