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Define Build Repair

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Define Build Repair

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Define-Build-Repair is a unique formulation that contains a combination of Branch Chain Amino Acid’s (BCAAs), 2 g of Glutamine, 2 g of Creatine, 2 g of L-Arginine amino acids chelated minerals per serving.

BCAAs are essential amino acids that help build lean muscle and must be obtained from sources found outside the body, such as meats and plants. DBR provides these essential amino acids and mineral combinations for lean muscle development and to maximize endurance and recovery.

DBR contains Iron, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium and Manganese to support the immune function during heavy workouts and daily stresses.

Our chelated minerals are sourced from Albion Laboratory Inc., the world leader and innovator of mineral amino acid chelate nutrition. These special organic chelates allow optimal mineral absorption.

Trace minerals are added to replenish electrolytes for hydration and recovery.

This refreshing drink supports PRE, DURING and POST workouts and activity. Plus, DBR tastes AMAZING without artificial flavoring, coloring or caffeine.

VitalBody’s DBR formula is preferred by many professional athletes because DBR helps to build and define muscle, provides (no-crash, “able”) energy, and accelerates the repair and recovery of the body.